What would people without power?



Well with that that and decided to help promote clean energy today I got to thinking that today relies heavily on electricity and I began to think and reflect.
We can enjoy a cold or warm by heaters that use electricity to keep food in good condition need a refrigerator, up to charge a phone and electricity need to be connected. Now as you would do to live without energy?
Well do not know what, but something we must take into account the electrical energy is not forever, will not be long runs so we should use clean and renewable energy in order to live like I know why I invite you to firm commitment to Linkin Park at the following link: http://www.powertheworld.org/splash-video.html
And I hope we will support us then.
Pauline Green Soldier


The music + green energy= Better life for all



Today Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park published an article about what life is like in other countries without energy and how it would feel the living in one of these places and the importance it represents for the band and so clean enegias invites us to sign the following pledge (link at end)
and further promote this.